Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun times with Alissa

In June I went to visit Alissa in Atlanta (one of my few good blogs) and in July she came to see me and we explored Charlotte together. She blogged about it and I'm just referring you to that, since I'll probably never post about it. Thanks Alissa!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

back west

I've been back in Utah for over a week now. I really thought I'd sit down and do some N.C. posts once I was back here, with free time and Internet access, but so far I haven't. We'll see. For now, I'm going to post Utah things on my desert blog and I'll mention there if I put anything here. Is that confusing enough? The point being, my Utah blog is the place to check now, if you want to keep up with my life.
the link to that:

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hi. I just wanted to quickly post this. Many of you know my dear friend Deanna. Many more of you have heard me talk about her. This past weekend she and her family were in a really bad car accident. They're alive - but that could VERY easily have not been the case. They have injuries galore, but are back home recuperating now. I wish you all could see the pictures but they've made their blog private for now. But their car is definitely totaled - a crushed piece of metal. And he was such a nice car (it's the same car I drove here from Utah in May). But there are certainly more important things to be grateful about. Anyway, I thought I'd let you know because it's been on my mind a lot and I figured a few extra prayers for them can help them. Deanna, Charles and Azure.
While I'm on here, I'll also say - Happy Pioneer Day! It was a great day at work for me. :)
Tomorrow is my last day and I have about 2 weeks of work left to do so I'll see what I choose to do. I got some great news for one of my clients just this week and that was a wonderful gift for this last week! :) Hopefully in the months and years to come (yes, immigration does take that long, it is not a Ruth exaggeration) there will be a lot more good news from the work I've done. I certainly love my clients - but I'll post more about that later. Time to go catch the bus home!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still alive

This is just a quick blog to say that I am still alive. I know haven't blogged in quite some time, but it's not because there's nothing to say - on the contrary it's because there is way TOO much. Pictures, stories, thoughts, everything. I've composed a lot in my head, but having no easy access to Internet and no time is prohibitive.
Just to give you an idea, since I last wrote I have traveled to Savannah, GA; Washington, D.C.; and Caswell Co., NC. I've have a couple of hectic weeks at work (the way I love it!). I've seen bookoodles of people and done all kinds of fun things. I've been in the ocean, the rain, the metro, the fields, the Capitol and the past. I've traveled via car, plane, metro, bus (mine plus more), more car (I just need a boat ride). I'm reminisced about the past, explained the present (my own and my families - I have it all memorized), I've discussed the future (mucho reminder that I have NO clue about what I'll be doing in a year, or even what I want to do). I've eaten all kinds of good food and hugged even better people. And should you fear I'm going to be bored in the upcoming days, you shouldnt'. I still have more Caswell visiting and Alissa is coming for the weekend to explore Charlotte with me. Then one very crazy week of work and then a short flight back to Utah.
I can't think of a time I've been more at peace with my life. I'm loving it all!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time's out

Well, I've planned several great blogs for this week's internet session, but alas they are all going to have to wait (or never be) because the library is soon to close. So sad. I really do enjoy not having the Internet easily available because starving my addiction is good. But I do feel sad that this summer's blog is lacking so much because it gets once a week attention and that is shared with all the other Internet business I need to do. Reminds me, I should have paid my credit card off yesterday. Oops.
So this evening, no real blogging because there was so much to bombard me - Supreme Court decision on Exxon, news that Dean Worthen is going to leave us and go be a VP for Pres. Samuelson (I've been so sad ever since I read that tidbit), news about Suzan and Pam and finding Trisha's blog, FINALLY class schedules for the law school this fall (not even time to plan on them, just glanced through them), emails from incoming 1Ls that want to volunteer for the Law & Religion symposium (I'm on the volunteer committee) found out that I have an internship this fall teaching an advanced English class. Now that's a crazy story, so I'll tell it in my brief moments. I applied for this internship in March, I believe. A few weeks later I was emailed a "don't worry we haven't forgotten you, we'll let you know by April 30" note. Fine. Well, April 30 came and went (a long time ago) so I'd decided that was a no. Which was fine - I don't really have time for it. Actually I really, really DON'T have time for it. Then I just got this email telling me I had it and when it was. Well, I kind of panicked, because I still didn't have any idea what my fall classes would be and if I could even do it. But, then minutes later I found out there's a schedule - quickly scanned to insure that nothing I had to have was at 12 on MWF and I'm good. With all these things I feel stressed out already and Fall semester is still far away. It was just a reminder of what's to come. And I guess a reminder to enjoy my stress-less summer. When 1 hour bus commutes twice a day are no biggy. When I crochet and talk on the phone for as long as I want. When I spend hours grilling and playing in the back yard. When life is good and the summer is sweet. I'll keep enjoying it.
Well, I've changed summer plans, had interesting experiences on my weekend jaunts as well as at work and a million other things that will just have to wait.
Oh, lest I forget, one of the best things of my evening was a long and wonderful talk with Elisabeth M. on the phone. I told her I'd mention her - that was at the beginning of the call, little did I know that actually it would be a great conversation and one of the best parts of my day! :) I love you all!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Georgia Aquarium

Well, there are a million things I could say - it's quite a fancy place. But I'll just suffice by saying it was a blast. I learned cool things and had fun.
Here are some quick facts while I upload pictures.
I got to touch the following:
sea anemone,
sea urchin,
star fishes,
a shark,
a Southern ray,
a horshoe crab,
and a conch shell.
I got in trouble for the following: :(
1. Taking a picture of the sea dragon daddy (there was a sign that said no flash, but I didn't see it until he pointed it out - it didn't come out anyway)
2. Touching the shark with my whole hand (there were signs all over saying touch only with two fingers, but I was so excited that I was focused on the animals, not signs)
3. Picking up the horseshoe crab (two finger sign - can't pick it up with two fingers. But he did congratulate me on picking it up correctly, yes, well at aquarium growing up we got to pick them up and I learned how! Oh, this nice guy also watched me while I picked it up, then waited until after the picture to tell me I wasn't supposed to!)

I saw the following cool things, many of which you can only see at Georgia Aquarium or leave the US:
Sea dragons - the picture is semi good. They're awesome looking! And currently under scrutiny because the male carries the eggs on his tail until they hatch and one is loaded right now. since they're endangered that's a rare occurence (that's why no flash), so in the news lately.
Four whale sharks (only ones in US)
Sea Lions barking and playing
Hammerhead shark (he's escaping our picture!)
Tons of other sharks, rays, etc..
Hundreds of other fish and family
It was SO FUN!
And then there's the logo. I think it is so clever!

Georgia on My Mind

Last Friday I drove to Atlanta to spend the weekend with my dear friend Alissa (a roommate from 2001). I had a wonderful time. The best part was being with Alissa. But I also enjoyed all the fun things we did.
Friday, I left work early to rent a car and drive down. A crazy chain of events and I was put about 3 hours behind schedule. At least it was nice and mild weather for my adventures. And my mother was home to call and talk too. A pretty uneventful trip down to Atlanta - it's SO beautiful. And Mrs. Pollifax kept me entertained.
When I got to Alissa's we just talked - until 2 a.m. Oh, we also at some yummy homemade bread when it got done cooking.
Saturday we slept until we wanted to wake up. Then we slowly got out the door. We first went to get pedicures. Neither of us have had a professional pedicure, but my feet are taking a rough beating this summer and I really wanted to. Alissa was up for it, so that's what we did. It was great! The chairs massage you and the lady takes care of your feet. She scrubbed massive amounts of dead skin off of mine and for a few whole days I had soft feet. The rest of the weekend we enjoyed our cutes toes. :)
Next we went to the Atlanta temple. Alissa is the head garden lady there (I'm not sure what she's called, but she's in charge of the grounds and the workers. The flowers were beautiful and smelled good and it was wonderful to be back at that special temple. I spent many days of my life there - mostly waiting for my parents and/or babysitting. But it was also the first temple I went in to do ordinances, so it's special to me. I was concerned when Alissa told me they can only water twice a week, 3 hours and that with a hose (because of the drought) so only the flowers get water - but you'd never know from looking. Everything looks beautiful. It was fun to get a tour from someone who knows each patch and and plant.
Then we went to lunch. Yummy and pretty. I had a pork sandwich that included sweet potato and I'm a fan! We forgot to get a picture, but here I am with a sucker I got from there (can't remember when I last ate a sucker). While we were there it started pouring rain. I mean pouring. When it let up a little we ran for the car, but the whole drive to downtown it was torrents of rain, couldn't really see at some points. I thought we'd have to cancel our view tour, but then, as we got to downtown, the skies suddenly clear and it was clear and rainless at evening/night in Atlanta proper. Apparently it just rained north of Atlanta. Then I knew why the temple grounds were doing just fine.
Well, of the many options we decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium. I think I'll do a separate post on that since I have too many pictures. But it was a great choice, we had a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it if you're ever in Atlanta (and feeling rich). It was terrific! Here we are with our cute toes and the G.A. logo that I was obsessed with.
After we were there a few hours (until it closed) we went over to Westin Tower. Up to the 70th something floor were there is a revolving restaurant and viewing areas. We skipped the restaurant, but did enjoy walking all around to see the city. I like views when I'm safe! And we saw many more fun things to do for a future trip - CNN center, Olympic park (which looks great from above!), the Aquarium again, and lots of historical buildings/centers. It was fun. Here's the one picture I took.While at the aquarium I told Alissa I'd like to eat some catfish (in addition to watching them) and she suggested we do that for dinner. So we head to Pappadeaux's - fantastic Cajun restaurant. When we got there at 9:30 there was still a 45 minute wait, but we just enjoyed the plaza (beautifully landscaped, plants, fountain, etc...) and actually knew what I wanted to order when our waiter asked! There was a live jazz band and tons of people that I enjoyed watching.
And for dinner I ate (Alissa said this quote needed to go on the blog, it's verbatim), "Well, of course I can handle dessert, I only ate 3 frogs, 1/4 of an alligator, 1/2 a Greek salad (random, but yummy too), a bit of gumbo, some red beans and rice and a pitcher of 'fresh squeezed' lemonade." And eat dessert I did - the whole pint (I got a big kick of how it was served in a Ball canning jar - but with fancy cream, cookie, strawberry and powdered sugar dusted plate - kind of indicative of the whole place.)
And for those who want to know, the frog legs were okay. The sauce on them was incredible, they do not taste like chicken, and certainly have a different texture. The alligator was good - more great seasoning (that's why Cajun is good). At first I thought it was like chicken, but with decided though the texture reminded me of it, it has a unique flavor that I like. But, my favorite was definitely was the red beans and rice. mmmm. I only ate a couple of bites (eyes way too big!) but it was great for supper the next day. And Alissa's salad and gumbo were good too. As was dessert (including a couple of bites of Alissa's pecan/sweet potato pie). I do like food.
We finally got home about 11:30, and only stayed up until 1:00 talking.
The next day I went to Alissa's fun (older!) singles ward, which I enjoyed. Saw one of my classmates, who was just visiting Atlanta for the weekend - nice connection. Called Father for Father's Day - and understood why I can't decide how to plan the rest of my summer; there are just so many fun options! After church Alissa's home teachers came and gave (?) one of the best visits I've ever had. It wasn't super long (one was waiting for FD dinner and ready to go) but just good, and the prayer when they left was special. The rest of the evening and the next morning were just more visiting. I love Alissa! I think I
After that